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July 15th, 2023


8 am - 6 pm

Our Mission

Access the best Generative AI technology the world has to offer.

We look to bring all the LLM providers like Google Bard, AWS, OpenAI, Cohere and more with additional stack partners like Hugging Face, Nvidia, Intel to create an event no AI/LLM developer/startup can afford to miss.


You'll even have chance to join our partners' portfolio of startups and receive funding or PoC opportunities. A Llamathon is your chance to explore the potential of large language models and other open-source APIs, all while helping Enterprises figure out the world of artificial intelligence.

Get Access to all LLMs and Plugins

Use different LLMs for a use case

For the duration of the LLamathon, you will have privileged access to invite-only APIs and plugins, and some of the best LLM hacking tools on the planet.

Image by Chris

Do cool stuff

Contribute to, and learn from the community

Meet and network with other AI/LLM developers, industry experts, and potential investors. Build lasting connections and get recognition

Cool Skater Girl

Solve Enterprise Challenges 

Create POCs with Enterprises

Reduce your GTM from years to weeks. Showcase your solution and engage with partners


Get Cash Flow

Win Cash Prizes

Stand a chance to win cash prizes and contracts

Winning Team
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